Saturday, 30 January 2016


Bismillahirahmanirahim :)

Haip! Haip! Blog!
As promised, nah here i am.
Writing to express eh. Hihi

Time is running. Im tired of chasing.
So i take a deep breathe. Close my eyes tightly.
Screaming loudly in my veins. Ouch! Haha ayat must be poyo lah. Huu..
So here we go!

Dah 3 semester nak masuk 4 dah ni.
Until now what makes me motivated to pursue my journey is of course my bloved familia.
Yes im talking about master journey lah. Hoho
Tapi.. tapi. How should i explain to them that this journey sometimes might slightly slipped on the line. Huu..
Its not that i dont try my best to finish it on time. Definitely no!
So now let me greet you "welcome to master in research life." HA.HA.HA

Yeah! We cannot expect that our research will run smoothly like what we have planned.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it will test your patience. Really.
Sometimes it may break you into tears sometimes it will give you a reason to smile for the whole day. Ha over!
Somehow expecting too much will end up with high dissapointment.
Who ask you to put your hopes on something easily.
I ask you to have faith in Allah kan?

So today, please la ain do not compare yours with others.
It is totally different. You do your part. Let Allah do the rest. People might have high expectation on you. But dont be stress over it. Make it as motivation, encouragemnt, inspiration and etc. Okay makcik? :)
If one day you feel like quitting, come and read this. Every difficulty will come ease. Bukan ana yg cakap. Tapi Allah yg cakap.

Have faith okay have faith :)

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