Monday, 18 January 2016

Master's :)


Lamanya tak menulis.. rindus.. ahaks. :p
So.. dear blog,
I know it's been a very looong time i havent visit you but dont woli haa now here i am. Perhaps might visit you frequently after this because my master's life is quite lonely i can say. Haha. Poyo.

Dear blog.
You know what, this master's journey taught me many lessons that me myself never expect or predict i can go this far. Tapi taktau lah jauh mana. Sbb research still in progress. Haha. And of course i will try my very best to make it all done as soon as possible insyaAllah ☺

Tapi kan mmg lah tak habis lagi blajaq ni tapi tapi the challengings, the tests that i have faced serious made me a strong lady like today. Ahaks. InsyaAllah.
Tu la nak kata. Hidup ni kalau takde cabaran tak mencabar kan. Tapi one thing that i always remind myself, " Allah give His hardest battles to His toughest soldier" ☺

Master is about commitment. Hang tak commit hang tak dpt apa. Try to be independent. Do some research or read more journals in order to overcome research problem that we are facing in the lab. Sebab master bukan degree yg mungkin semua benda dah diajar dlm kelas. Tak.

And the other thing is time management. Yep! This is the most important issue in master's. Boleh nanges sensorg kalau hanyut ditelan masa. Eceh. Tapi betul la. Master ni semua kita manage. Planning, designing, arranging and so on semua kena sendiri. Kena rotan sikit agak2 malas nak gerak tu. Nanti dah terbiasa dia jadi mengada2. :p

To myself,
Do not give up! Nothing is easy in this life. Do your best because i know yukenduit beybeh ahaks :p
Dekatkan diri dengan Allah. Yep! Ujian tu bukan menjauhkan, tapi mengeratkan lg hubungan kita dgn Allah. Dont count the test and difficulties that you have to face but count the blessings that Allah showered on you all this while. Stay focus and PRAY! Allah tests you not because He doesnt love you but He tests you because He wants you to be the toughest soldier in the world! Eh. Hihi.


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